Midwinters East Day Three

Today was the third day of the Midwinters East Regatta in Clearwater, Florida.  Fog was a big factor in the weather today.  I arrived to the club to a postponement flag already flying.  After about an hour postponement, the fog cleared enough to send the Lasers out.

After the radials started, we finally got a start off on the inner loop.  I was lined up about 10 boats up from the pin, but right before the start, some guy wedged his way between me and the boat below me and forced me over the line.  The individual recall flag went up, and I could see the RC boat and knew I was over.  So I circled back and restarted.  I got an ok lane on port and legged it up the middle of the course.  At the top, I was in about 12th place and throughout the race I was able to catch up to 7th.  I may have had a shot at a better score, but the Lasers had caught up and overlapped with some of the radials, and I got caught up with a pack at the leeward mark and couldn't pass anyone else.  I ended the first race in 7th.

After a long fog postponement, we started our second race on an inner loop again.  Again, I was lined up about 10 boats from the pin, but I was slow to pull the trigger and had a very bad start.  It seemed to me that the whole fleet was over, but the RC only called a handful of boats OCS.  Again, I scrambled on the first beat and was in about 10th at the top.  I think I tried to hard on the second beat to make something happened and lost a bit.  At the end, I finished 8th in the race.

When we finished the second race, the fog came in pretty thickly and the RC abandoned all racing for the rest of the day.

The story for me was bad starts = bad races.  I definitely need to get off the line tomorrow if I want to stay in the lead.

We can have two more races tomorrow (and one more drop if we get a race in) to end the regatta.  Then I'll start the long drive home!


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