Final Day of Qualifying

Today was the third and final day of qualifying at the Sailing World Cup Miami regatta.  We sailed two more races in 15-20 knots, and once again, I was in the second group sailing the inner loop.

In the first race, I had a pretty good start in the middle of the line and sailed on starboard for a few minutes with the leaders.  As my lane began to narrow, the fleet started to get headed so I took the opportunity to tack onto port and lead back to the middle of the course.  Most of the leaders kept heading to the left corner, so I tried to hitch back to the top group.  A huge lefty and pressure filled and I could only tack to leeward of the group.  I rounded in about 15th place and stayed around there for most of the race.  I passed a couple boats at the top of the beat and on the final run to end up in 11th.

In the second race, I wanted to start near the pin and send it to the left side.  I had an awesome start near the pin and was leading the group to the left side.  I came back with the group, but because we were in such a lefty I ended up overstanding by a little bit.  I rounded in about 7th or 8th in a tight group.  I followed that up with a miserable downwind run, rounding the leeward mark in about 15th or maybe worse.  I rallied a bit on the second beat to round in 10th with a shot at 5th, but again my downwind speed was very mediocre, and I lost a few boats to limp into the finish line in 12th.

It was a pretty mediocre day on the water for me.  I think fatigue from not sailing since July has caught up to me a bit!  The good news is that tomorrow starts Gold fleet racing, and we're using an experimental format which means that each sailor carries forward his overall position from qualifying as race one of Gold fleet.  So there's a lot of opportunity to move up with a good couple of days!

Three races are scheduled tomorrow, and we have a later start at 1 PM.


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