Training in Miami

I've been in Miami for a couple days now.  The trip started off on a pretty sour note.  Twenty minutes after arriving at the US Sailing Center, while I was unloading my Laser, my car was broken into and my backpack and valuables were stolen.  I hung around for a bit and talked to the police, a CSI team actually came and dusted for prints and took some DNA tests, but at the end of the day, I think there is very little chance that they find my stuff.  It's unfortunate, and it seems like break ins happen at least once a year during this event.  Welcome to Miami!

Anyway, it was nice to get back on the water as a distraction from the break in.  I've sailed for the last two days in 12-16 knots of breeze and with a lot of international sailors.  I've enjoyed sailing my Laser, something I haven't gotten to do since last July, and it's nice to see some friends that I've spent the last four years sailing against.  So far the sailing has been going well, but for sure I am more sore than I was a couple years ago!  Hopefully I can shake off some rust before the event.

I have a few more days of training here before the event starts next Monday.  Check back for more updates before and during the event!

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