Update From Perth

I've been in Perth for over two weeks now, and the training has been going really well.  For the most part, we've had between 15-25 knots out of the sea breeze direction.  We have seen a few days where it's been really hot out which has lead to a stronger offshore breeze in the morning and a lighter sea breeze in the afternoon.  The bottom line is I'm still expecting a windy Worlds, but I wouldn't be surprised if we had a day or two of light to medium breeze.

I say it every year, but the training before the worlds is the best you will ever get.  Everyone is arriving early and training hard, and after a few line ups and speed-testing on the way to the race course, we all get together for a few races as a group.  It's really cool to compare speed with all of the top sailors in a low-key setting before the event starts.

On Friday, December 2nd, there will be an opening ceremonies that we're all attending.  In fact, the regatta organizers are making it "mandatory" by shutting down all of the venues until 3 PM so people don't skip it to practice.  All of the athletes are going to be ferried up the Swan River and into Perth city in their team uniforms for the ceremonies.  It should be pretty cool! 

Later this weekend, we get our event boats as part of the early charter program.  I'll have access to my event boat for the week or so before the regatta starts, which will be nice to get used to.  This year the boats will be assigned based on ISAF ranking, so our sail numbers will be our world rankings at the time of the registration list.  We'll also get American Flag stickers to put on our sails so that it will be really spectator friendly.

The city of Perth and Fremantle have done a great job preparing for this event.  Everything is running smoothly so far, and I'm ready to get racing!  12 more days until my event starts!

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